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Anyone got any thoughts on explaining to my 14-year-old, probably-cis sister what gender policing is and why it's not fucking cool? Because unless my parents have gotten much, much better about this stuff in the past four years without my notice, we're talking about someone completely trans-ignorant, and who I'm not comfortable outing myself to when she inevitably asks why I care or tells me "that's just weird." At the same time, I'm pretty sure that keeping my mouth shut around her and her friends is stressing me out as much as trying to explain it to her would.

In other news, cross your fingers for me, I need a job.
 Are lj notifications failing to work for anyone else, or is it just me?
 Quick Question because I don't know where else to ask:

Does anyone know of any image-blocking add-ons for Chrome? I know there's one for firefox, but I don't really use firefox anymore. It's just that I've rediscovered a resource I like, and some of the conversation threads are productive, but one of the frequent-poster's avatars involves a hanging, and it is subtly messing with my head to the point that I'm no longer comfortable reading them.


Arthurian Art: Gawaine

It's been a hectic week and I am exhausted.

So, instead of doing anything useful with my Saturday, I did some sketching. Specifically, I went back to the Arthurian period. A couple of characters have needed redesigns for forever now, and I started playing with one of those. Specifically, Gawaine.

(Yes, this is a transparent bid for feedback. Isn't every time I post something Arthurian?)


Art under the cut. . . .Collapse )
Title: The Brother I Have
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Sirius, Regulus
Wordcount: 1864
Summary: Sirius got himself concussed by some bloke in a Muggle pub, and is mildly surprised that Regulus would rather cover for him than witness another Black family row.
Warnings/Notes: For werewolfsfan and the qldfloodauction . She asked for "a black brothers moment," and I'm sorry it took me this long to write. I aimed for a moment of solidarity in the middle of their school years.

"You," Regulus declared, with the air that thirteen years as Sirius's brother was thirteen years too many, "are an idiot."Collapse )

Jan. 29th, 2011

In the future, remind me to avoid NaNo board posts that speak of gender variance in any capacity, because most of the ones I've fallen across involve massive amounts of fail and bullshit and kind of pissed me off. Possibly because I'm still frustrated and trying to get out of the closet and stay there in real life.

In other news, I have had computer drama for the past two weeks, so I kind of disappeared off the net for awhile. I am back, and will hopefully be filling in on the Queensland Auction prompts in the next few days.

And we got snow this week! Twice! It is pretty. :)

I'm not currently involved in the main auction, but I am offering drabbles and ficlets in the lightening round here. And I haven't put a limit on how many I'm willing to write, so as long as people are willing to donate, I'm willing to write.
One of the good things that has come about from almost three years of increasingly severe insomnia:

I have fallen back in love with short fiction. My uncle gave me The Way of the Wizard for Christmas and I've probably devoured two thirds of it by now. And then my mom got me Small Jobs, the collection of Dresden Files shorts for my birthday (which I was not expecting, it's still only in hardcover). I hadn't read that many short stories outside of writing classes since high school. And having to go through 7 flash fiction rough drafts a week for a few semesters will definitely turn you off the form for a little while.

But right now, 30-60 pages is about right, and I'd forgotten how much you could say in that space. Besides, short story collections tend to introduce me to writers whose novels belong on my to-read list, especially urban fantasy, since I love the genre but I'm shy of trying new writers in it, because of the cross-over with horror, which doesn't interest me unless it's gothic, and the high instance of scantily clad women on the covers, which also don't interest me.

So yeah, short stories are win-win.
Title: Homesick
Rating: PG
Characters/Parings: Gabriel
Wordcount: 283
Summary: The whiteness of the snow reminded him of home.
Warnings/Notes: Written in response to a prompt technicallysane left at comment_fic .

It seemed to happen every single year.Collapse )

Title: Cages
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Lucifer
Wordcount: 272
Summary: Lucifer has his choice of cages. Nothing else.
Notes/Warnings: Written in response to a prompt ravenspear left on comment_fic ("From his point of view, he's the persecuted hero of this story.")

He's got to wonder, sometimes.Collapse )

Harry Potter Fic: The Obits

Title: The Obits
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: MWPP & Lily
Wordcount: 777
Summary: Sirius is always the one to grab the obituaries in the morning.
Notes/Warnings: Originally written for strongwriter  on comment_fic  forever ago.

The world's falling apart around them.Collapse )
 You know one of those things that really irritates me?

Getting spambots on personal journal entries. I don't care that it was public. Aside from the general deleting-spam annoyance, I don't care too much when it's on fic, because hey, that's how my journal has gotten targeted by this vaguely Harry Potter related spambot.

But when it's an entry on my personal mental health, like my most recent entry? I want the spambot to take it's unidentified Russian links and GTFO, please. It's been spammed twice now, and I am considerably less than amused.
Oi. So it's the general life-update time I get every once in awhile when I need to turn things over in my brain.

NaNo is over. I did 60k this year, because I crossed the 50k mark and my brain just sort of gave up. I have a feeling I bit off more than I can chew in more than one sense. There are some types of "working through shit" that mean I can't stop writing, and there are apparently others where I have difficulty starting. The last year and a half have been the latter, and I think I'm over beating myself up about it, finally.

I went home for Thanksgiving, and felt mildly uncomfortable the whole time. Went to see Deathly Hallows with a few friends (actually, that movie is worth seeing, folks!), and then a good friend of mine drove me home. We started talking about a lot of stuff, but, especially since he's the first person I was able to articulate "I wanna be a 'he'" to, we eventually got round to gender and the fact that I have no intention of going to grad school -- at least not immediately. I need some time on my own and outside my parents' sphere of influence to figure myself out, see what I want to do with my life -- and what I want to do with my body.

I don't know. That suddenly made things very awkward. He's been pretty good at using "he" instead of "she" and while he still stumbles over my name, he's trying. But when I mention the possibility of physically changing my body? Things are suddenly hellishly awkward and I want to punch something. Not like my body has any effect on him. Also, I need to remind the world that this is about my gender and not my sexuality.

I can want people to look at me and see a boy (because I have to live in a binary world) without it having anything to do with my genitals, or about my sexuality. This doesn't mean I have to reevaluate being ace. I can be ace and a guy. I can still find sexism incredibly irritating and be a guy, too, but these seem to be the two things people have the hardest time wrapping their heads around.

And it is finals. I should be working on the book pitch for my public speaking final. I love that I can pitch a book for it, but the idea of getting up in front of my class and geeking out about it kinda freaks me out, too. *wanders off to look for visuals*
I hate the word authoress.

I am willing to concede that it is, on some level, a word.

Do the people on writing forums I see using it know the history of the stupid word? Because it was used at some point -- first used in the 15th century, in fact. It was also, however, a disparaging term. Like authors, only female! Aren't they cute? Excuse me while I go gag.

Look, I know most of the people using it are, in fact, female. But that doesn't change the way that, by using the word, especially since it's one that has (thankfully) fallen out of vogue, they are putting more emphasis on their gender than the fact that they write. And I don't care if you do  think the person referred to is a crappy author as well as female as per the original use of the word. It not cool. Its been proven time and time again, by Tennessee William's female characters and Ursula K LeGuin's male ones and the very existence of George Eliot's writing career that this is one place where the author's gender does not matter. And it's a word that's been gender-neutral for a long time -- unless people were mocking a girl for picking up a pen.

*headdesk* And you know, most of these people would be up in arms if you gendered another word that's traditionally gender neutral -- like teacher, or broker, or most other "ers" in modern English, for that matter.

Writing is not special.


In other news, I've reached 52k between both NaNo novels, meaning that I've officially surpassed what I've written in all of November at this point. I want to finish at least one of them.
Title: The Last Part of the Deal
Rating: PG
Characters: Bobby and Crowley
Wordcount: 942
Summary: The demon's physical appearance was rather unexpected when Crowley appeared to return Bobby's soul.
Warnings/Notes: Written for a genderbender challenge on comment_fic  awhile ago; I just found it on my hard drive and decided I still liked it.

She had short strawberry blonde hair and ridiculously high heels that only made already long legs seem longer.Collapse )
Dear NaNo Boards as a whole and one thread in particular,

This shouldn't be such a big deal, since you're judging my gender based on 300 words of text, but. . . .

I'm a guy. Fuck you.

I don't know why being misgendered is making me want to cry now, because God knows it's not unusual.



Harry Potter Fic: Weaknesses and Weapons

Title: Weaknesses and Weapons
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Wordcount: 848
Summary: They're not quite "together" yet. In fact, Sirius isn't quite sure what they are.
Warnings/Notes: Written for the prompt "His worst fear is that James won't approve" from strongwriter 

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Sirius is used to being an utter bastard.Collapse )
Three life updates:

1) It is Fall Break, which means I get four days alone in my apartment and am going to horribly mess up my sleep schedule. Why on earth do I never take my own insomnia into account when I go on break?

2) It is that time of year again. The NaNoWriMo server has had its first crash. Soon, I will be plugging away trying to write a novel in a month. This pleases me more than it probably should.

Last, and most importantly:

3) I HAVE A BINDER! Came in the mail on Thursday, I owe the parent of a friend a couple of illumination commissions for it. But I have a binder! *bounces* God, I haven't felt at home with my upper body since the beginning of fourth grade, and for the first time I can really remember, my chest resembles the way it looks in my head. I am all bouncy and happy and do not expect this ridiculously good mood to go away for awhile.


Supernatural Fic: The Usual Bad News

Title: The Usual Bad News
Rating: PG-13
Characters: John & Bobby
Wordcount: 1445
Summary: John showed up at Bobby's with a Wild Hunt on his tail. What was he expecting if it wasn't homemade explosives and someone to watch his back?
Notes/Warnings: N/A

John Winchester is a special kind of bad news.Collapse )

Harry Potter Fic: On The Death of Friends

I'll start posting the prompts I asked for tomorrow. Until then, there are a few recent comment_fic responses I liked.

Title: On the Death of Friends
Rating: PG
Characters: Sirius/Remus
Wordcount: 1103
Summary: Sirius looked back at the book. "Sleep's not in the charts," he mumbled.

Remus put a hand on Sirius's knee and squeezed a little, drawing Sirius's eye from the page back to him. "This isn't about the research," he accused.

Warnings/Notes: Written for a "first line" theme on comment_fic  so effingeden  gave me the opening.

Sirius looked up from the tome on his lap and put on his best scowl, which was always fairly impressive.Collapse )

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