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Three life updates:

1) It is Fall Break, which means I get four days alone in my apartment and am going to horribly mess up my sleep schedule. Why on earth do I never take my own insomnia into account when I go on break?

2) It is that time of year again. The NaNoWriMo server has had its first crash. Soon, I will be plugging away trying to write a novel in a month. This pleases me more than it probably should.

Last, and most importantly:

3) I HAVE A BINDER! Came in the mail on Thursday, I owe the parent of a friend a couple of illumination commissions for it. But I have a binder! *bounces* God, I haven't felt at home with my upper body since the beginning of fourth grade, and for the first time I can really remember, my chest resembles the way it looks in my head. I am all bouncy and happy and do not expect this ridiculously good mood to go away for awhile.