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I hate the word authoress.

I am willing to concede that it is, on some level, a word.

Do the people on writing forums I see using it know the history of the stupid word? Because it was used at some point -- first used in the 15th century, in fact. It was also, however, a disparaging term. Like authors, only female! Aren't they cute? Excuse me while I go gag.

Look, I know most of the people using it are, in fact, female. But that doesn't change the way that, by using the word, especially since it's one that has (thankfully) fallen out of vogue, they are putting more emphasis on their gender than the fact that they write. And I don't care if you do  think the person referred to is a crappy author as well as female as per the original use of the word. It not cool. Its been proven time and time again, by Tennessee William's female characters and Ursula K LeGuin's male ones and the very existence of George Eliot's writing career that this is one place where the author's gender does not matter. And it's a word that's been gender-neutral for a long time -- unless people were mocking a girl for picking up a pen.

*headdesk* And you know, most of these people would be up in arms if you gendered another word that's traditionally gender neutral -- like teacher, or broker, or most other "ers" in modern English, for that matter.

Writing is not special.


In other news, I've reached 52k between both NaNo novels, meaning that I've officially surpassed what I've written in all of November at this point. I want to finish at least one of them.