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Title: Homesick
Rating: PG
Characters/Parings: Gabriel
Wordcount: 283
Summary: The whiteness of the snow reminded him of home.
Warnings/Notes: Written in response to a prompt technicallysane left at comment_fic .

It seemed to happen every single year, whether he tried to avoid it or not. He would wake up sometime, and when he eventually looked out the window the world would be coated in a blanket of white. If whatever malevolent force kept sending snow to unlikely places was in a particularly bad mood, it wouldn't even be spoiled by a dog or a kid or a paperboy.

And Gabriel would stare for a moment, remembering the way the world had been once upon a time, when he could get that same sense of something pure from a home he'd left. And something would tie itself into a knot in his chest, and he would curse in Enochian and snap his fingers, go to Australia or Tobago or someplace else where he could walk barefoot in the sand rather than look at this blanket of white.

It had been worse when he'd first run, when he'd settled down in the North and been Loki for so long. Someone always went looking for him while that Pantheon was more-or-less together, because they'd gotten into some mess and needed a sneakier solution.

Come to think of it, that was a lot like home had been once, too.

But while home might still be pretty white, it wasn't pure anymore, not that way. And there was nothing left for Gabriel to go back to. So he went to somewhere with sea and sand and balmy weather and tried to forget that there was anything that made him feel like that again.

After all, it wasn't as though he actually wanted to go back home to what home had become, anyway.

Title: Cages
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Lucifer
Wordcount: 272
Summary: Lucifer has his choice of cages. Nothing else.
Notes/Warnings: Written in response to a prompt ravenspear left on comment_fic ("From his point of view, he's the persecuted hero of this story.")

He's got to wonder, sometimes, if there's any place he can go that isn't a cage.

Hell's a cage, of course, for souls and demons and all sorts of other things. It's a different cage from his own prison, larger and darker and littered with all the things humans are capable of that angels, even fallen ones, aren't. He's finally gotten out of one prison to make a rebellion out of another.

Nick's body is a cage, too. It's even less reliable than Hell, and more dangerous, too. It was never built to handle him, and it's deteriorating slowly under the pressure, until it's so broken down that every little movement makes raw nerves scream - whether or not he remembers to breath. But of all his prisons, it's the only mobile one he has, so the pain and the pressure is something he'll take, in hopes of finding a way out of prison.

He's not convinced that Sam Winchester isn't just another cage, either. It's a better cage, a nicer one, but there would still be flesh and bone and limitations, and a human soul in there with him, howling.

And he's tired of cages.

It's something that the brothers who still have heaven will never understand. The breaking of the seals didn't set him free, it only gave him his choice of other prisons. And remaking the world is the only way to tear the doors off those cages and burn them down.