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Sketchbook in the Back of My Mind

My Rambling Place

30 December
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Hey, all. I'm Loki, and I decided that it was high time I actually gave a proper "do you actually want to poke at this journal?" introduction.

I'm a student and a writer, like so many other people on livejournal. What I'm working towards is the marvelous and useless bachelor's in Literature and Creative Writing.

It's probably worth noting that I'm above the drinking age, a trans guy for lack of a better term, and a queer asexual, and the latter two are things that come up in rambles from time to time, since I'm still trying to figure myself out. I try to keep the drama level on this place low, but I'm not above attempting to explain at length why I am so confused.

I'm a musical omnivore, I sketch compulsively whenever I take paper notes in class, I care about the GLBT community, and I'm something of a Renaissance geek. I'll read anything that sits still long enough. I write, a lot, and when I'm not writing you can hear/read me whine try to figure out why at length. I'm not overtly religious or easy to offend, but if I could carry a tune I'd be able to sing most of Jesus Christ Superstar. I'm also kind of shy, but I'm not going to bite if you want to talk to me.

I don't actually separate my fandom stuff and my real life stuff into different journals; I probably have a hard enough time keeping track of this single one. Anyway, I wander in and out of fandoms when I need to play, and I probably ought to start posting fan art more, but you can find fic here. My fandoms (which is possibly what you're really looking for) include Harry Potter, Supernatural, Good Omens, Discworld, Sherlock Holmes (both the books and the 2009 movie), and whatever bit of my childhood happens to look shiny if I'm over on comment_fic. I'm also a huge Arthurian and mythology fan, if those count as fandoms, although you'll see less of that actually posted.

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